About Us

Organized Impressions by Audra is family-friendly and dedicated to helping you find peace through order™.

We assure confidentiality along with a warm and friendly attitude, putting your family at ease and organizing your space through a smooth and comfortable process.


About Audra
audra_cottrellAudra has always been a natural organizer, so it is no surprise that she is the Owner of Organized Impressions by Audra.  Since 2010, she has been on a mission to help busy families find more peace in their lives.  With experience as a preschool teacher, education administrator, and nanny, Audra understands the needs of working families.  She will customize systems in your home to ensure easy clean-up times, fast departures and peaceful evenings.

Our Mission: To help busy families organize their spaces in order to create more time to enjoy each other and their home.